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While waiting for the tiredness of the day to pass, you remember his smile and find yourself smiling. Love is such a thing. Knowing its existence heals your soul. To those who make you smile with Kağıthane Florist, to your most precious; Send the most special gift.
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Pamper yourself with Kağıthane Send Flowers on bright days when the whiteness and purity of the lily, the love of the red rose, and the colorful hydrangea herald the spring. You can reach our flowers that will beautify your home or workplace, but most importantly, customize it on our online page.


 Birthday, anniversary, new year, mother's day, father's day, world girls' day... There are many special days that we can make every moment of our lives beautiful. In order to crown your day with the most special flowers, you can complete your order online from our Kağıthane Flower Order page. A small note you will write next to the flower will gain even more meaning with "Good luck to you, always smile".